Installing the KlipKaboodle Bookmarklet

Please read the Instructions below, to understand properly how to install and use KlipKaboodle:


To install the klipKaboodle bookmarklet, click (and whilst keeping the button pressed) and drag the green KlipKaboodle button above into your browsers bookmark toolbar.

You'll need to make sure your browsers bookmark toolbar is visible.

For example, in Google Chrome:

For users on internet explorer and Firefox users;

You will need to show your favourites bar to be able to drag the klipkaboodle tool (above) into your browser.

Installing KlipKaboodle on IE and Firefox

Using the KlipKaboodle Bookmarklet

To use the KlipKaboodle tool, visit the page you're interested in taking photos from and click the KlipKaboodle bookmarklet in the bookmark toolbar.

This will activate KlipKaboodle and start scanning the page for images. The following animated image shows how the tool works:

Please note: Downloading of the images runs as a background task, so images may not appear on the moodboard instantly.