seven steps to renovate your kitchen

Building your dream kitchen can be a daunting task. Where do you start? What should you plan for? How long will it take? At kaboodle, we truly believe that every Kiwi should have the opportunity to create a kitchen they love, without breaking the bank.

When planning your kitchen renovation, we understand that there is a lot to consider like planning, budgeting, designing and installing. Which is exactly why we’ve laid out a simple, seven-step process to help you create your dream kitchen, your way.

To be guided through the full kitchen renovation journey, don’t forget to register for a free copy of our Kitchen Renovation Guide.

plan your kitchen

The first, and most important step is to plan for your new kitchen. You need to consider whether you will undertake a DIY kitchen renovation or seek professional help. It is crucial that you establish a detailed budget at the beginning of your renovation to help you stay on track throughout. You will also need to start considering which products will work best in your space, such as cabinets, doors and benchtops.  

design your kitchen

Measure your kitchen so you know exactly what will and what will not fit in your space. Designing your kitchen is your blank canvas. You’ve established your plan, now you need to add the colour to the canvas. Seek style inspiration from magazines, Pinterest, Instagram and the kaboodle inspiration gallery to figure out what layout, colour and style works best for you and your space. Then, log in to the kaboodle planner and get designing!

purchase your new kitchen

Purchasing your kitchen is an exciting step in the journey. Once you have your kitchen design, book a kitchen consultation at your local Bunnings Warehouse to purchase your new kaboodle kitchen.

delivering your new kitchen 

If you don’t have a ute or a truck, Bunnings can organise a delivery service for bulky items at a standard fee. Depending on what items you order, some will be ready for you to take home with you off the shelf on the day, or within a 1–2-week delivery time. Products from our cut to measure range, made to order products and cut to measure benchtops have a longer lead time, so be sure to confirm at the time of purchase.

remove your old kitchen 

Removal of your old kitchen and preparation for your new kitchen is an often-forgotten aspect of a kitchen renovation. It’s important to carefully remove your existing kitchen as there might be opportunities to on-sell or donate your no-longer-wanted cabinetry, doors and benchtops. Cover your floors to avoid scratches and always wear appropriate safety clothing.

Always remember to use a licenced professional to turn off all electrical, water and gas fittings during both the removal and installation stages of your renovation. For more removal tips, download your copy of the kaboodle Kitchen Renovation Guide.

install your new kitchen

It is important to plan your installation to ensure that it runs smoothly and efficiently, you don’t want your trades standing around wasting time and money. Be sure to prepare your space, it is much easier to paint, plaster and square walls without a brand-new kitchen in the way. And always read the instructions when installing.

enjoy your new kitchen 

Now you can admire your hard work. Look at styling options that will complement your new space, these might include seasonal flowers or some visible storage options. Make sure you sign up for your warranty and consider the care and maintenance of your kitchen.

For a complete guide on your kitchen renovation journey, don’t forget to download our Kitchen Renovation Guide.