behind the scenes – mustard muse

Join us as we go behind the scenes of Evie Kemp’s laundry renovation featuring our vibrant mostaza doors and panels from the kaboodle 2023/24 trends range.

This is Evie’s long-term home so she had the opportunity to really make it her own.

“This is very much our home to live in and enjoy. Every reno we do, we do with ourselves and how we live in mind.”

Evie makes a great point – it’s so important to think about your lifestyle and how you intend to use the space when thinking about renovating. Evie’s laundry was a multifunctioning space that was visible to guests. She wanted to renovate it to include more storage and useable benchtop space, plus make it look great too.

“We’re lucky to have a large laundry room but it’s never had much storage and as it serves as a laundry, dog room, overflow kitchen storage area, and where I tend to clean up after messy DIY it was pretty chaotic. I really wanted it to look great as you see it from our dining space, as well as provide tons more storage and bench space than what we had before,” explains Evie.

Evie paired our mostaza doors and panels with black pudding benchtops and bolivar matt black handles for a laundry with massive wow-factor! We asked Evie why she opted for this combination;

“I really loved the vibrancy of the mostaza doors and how the colour could bring so much personality to what is (now!) an extremely functional space. I loved the contrast of the yellow cabinetry with the black and white benchtops and just think they look so smart, and a little dramatic,” says Evie.

The 3D kaboodle planner helped Evie make the right decisions by being able to visualise how things would work in her space. It’s exciting watching your vision come to life in 3D and Evie said she’d use the 3D kaboodle planner just for fun – so you might like to give it a try if you haven’t already!

“I love the 3D kaboodle planner so much, I’d honestly use it just for fun. It made it so easy to figure out exactly what we both wanted and needed and how to make the absolute most of the space. It definitely stopped us from making bad decisions by being able to visualise how everything actually fit in. It looks so much like 3D kaboodle planner showed us!”

We asked Evie how she found assembling her kaboodle laundry, and with the help of her sister, they managed to assemble all their cabinets in a day – how’s that for teamwork! We’ve also got a range of installation videos to help.

“No lies, kaboodle was the simplest flatpack I have I’ve ever assembled – it’s solid, with quality fixings, and goes together like a dream. I actually got my sister in to help me build the cabinets and we did them in a day! Then my husband Sam and I installed them.

It’s great to hear that Evie enjoyed the DIY process of bringing her kaboodle laundry together and getting a designer look for less. Evie says…

“I would and do recommend kaboodle to everyone! The range of finishes and options can give such a premium and individual look to a space at a great price, and it really is something you can DIY. I’m already looking around my house and wondering what I can do next.”

Finally, we asked Evie how her new kaboodle laundry has changed the way she used the space;

“I say it’s my favourite room, and I’m not even lying. Everything has its place and with all the extra cabinets I’m able to have everything organised. It’s cleared up space in the kitchen too as I’m able to store the lesser used things like platters and tablecloths in a nice tidy way. I really love to work on the bench in the laundry, either for small DIY jobs or using it for plants and flowers. Because we have built-in laundry hampers, the bench is almost always clear! This is quite funny but at 10 years old, my dogs are finally clicker trained, only it’s the quite ‘click’ of the push to open cabinet doors of their treat cupboard.”

We hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about Evie’s kaboodle laundry transformation! To see more of Evie’s stunning laundry view the mustard muse inspiration gallery. For more ideas and inspiration, visit our design blog or follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.