keep an eye out for our new premium wireware range

Our new premium wireware range takes functionality to a whole new level – catering to a variety of base and pantry cabinets in the kaboodle family.

Make the most of unused space and organise your kitchen with wireware! It’s one thing to have a beautiful kitchen, it’s another to have a beautiful kitchen that works for you. Luckily, we have released a new premium wireware range to improve your kitchen’s functionality.

Wireware allows you to de-clutter your kitchen with extra functional storage, meaning you can utilise cupboard space that may currently be wasted. We have added five premium options to our existing wireware range, so no matter your space, we will have a solution to suit your storage needs.

Utilising those hard-to-reach corner cabinets can be tricky business, and there is nothing worse than losing your favourite pan to the back shelf. Now with one spin, you can seamlessly reach all your pots and pans with the new premium  corner rotating tray 2 tier solid shelf. The shelf is specially designed for increased stability, creating a smooth rotating motion. 

Another fantastic way to utilise corner cabinet space is with our new blind corner pullout solid shelf. These easy-to-grip pullout shelves will double the storage capacity of your blind corner and are cleverly designed with four compartments to help you organise efficiently. By simply sliding out the shelves, you’ll have full access to your pots, appliances, and crockery. 

Walking over to the pantry now, there are three new and practical options to maximise this frequently used space. Everyone is guilty of having a cluttered pantry from time to time, but keeping your pantry organised is a must if you want to make sure your kitchen functions to the best of its ability.

Firstly, we have the 600mm pantry pullout 6 tier solid shelf. It features a premium updated railing design, solid timber bases and non-slip matting. The trays slide smoothly to the front when opening the door and the dual-slider has enhanced load-bearing capacity. The 6-tier pullout pantry is perfect for increasing storage and allowing convenience when accessing your favourite pantry items.

We also have new 6 tier 450mm pantry door pull baskets. Featuring 6 adjustable chrome baskets within the pantry cabinet that can hold up to 5kgs each and 6 more adjustable chrome baskets that attach to the door that can hold up to 3kgs each, you will be able to maximise space and get creative with your smaller pantry storage. Pullout pantries are the ultimate blend of design and functionality, increasing the useable space in your kitchen.

Finally, due to the popular demand of our 600mm pantry door pull basket we have introduced a smaller model, suitable for 450mm pantry cabinets. The 450mm pantry door pull basket also features 6 layers of wooden trays and is suitable for left/right installation. If space isn’t on your side, this is a great addition as the pullout basket system really enables you to get the most out of your pantry storage by leveraging every nook and cranny.

Explore our new range of wireware here and optimise the storage in your kitchen today!

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