take the mykaboodle style quiz to find your style!

Having a clear interior style is a key first step to your project. Take our style quiz to find your unique style persona, so your home reflects you.

Having a clear interior style in mind is a key first step when planning a home renovation. It can dictate many decisions to come when planning your project, such as which door profile or cabinet colour will suit your space best.

You may know what you like, whether that be a neutral colour palette or specific stone-look benchtop, which is a good place to start, but we know it can be difficult to pin point an interior style that encompasses all your preferences.

To take the stress out of the process, we’ve created a simple style quiz that matches you to a style persona based on your answers. Click on the video above to watch as we guide you through the process. We also note down each step below.

step one

First, select the room you’d like to renovate – is it a kitchen, laundry, home office, bedroom, bathroom or lounge room?

step two

Then select the colour scheme you like most – is it neutral, moody, woodgrain, shades of blue, earthy tones or colour vibrant?

step three

Next, decide whether you’ll be a hands on DIYer or if you’d need some help with your renovation project.

step four

Then select your favourite benchtop – is it woodgrain, concrete look, stone look or solid colour?

step five

Last but not least, select the image that best describes your interior aesthetic.

And voila! In less than 2 minutes you’ll get your own style persona that will include a style horoscope and a moodboard to match! Sign in to mykaboodle to save your results and gain access to personalised inspiration galleries and design blogs that reflect your unique style persona.

With over 100 unique style personas, you’re bound to find a combination of colours and materials that you love. We know it’s not always love at first site, so if you’re not quite into your first style persona result, you can simply retake the short quiz to reveal a new one.

So, what are you waiting for? Jump onto mykaboodle to take the quiz and find your unique style persona, so you’re well equipped to start your next project with a clear stylistic vision in mind! For more ideas and information, visit our design blog or follow us on InstagramFacebook and Pinterest.