track your project with mykaboodle

Introducing mykaboodle, your all-in-one kitchen renovation companion. Mykaboodle is more than just a project management tool – it’s your key to a seamless kitchen renovation. Read on, to find out how it works.

We know renovations can be daunting, with lots of information to keep on top of, so we’ve created a tool to help you do just that.

Meet mykaboodle! It’s a project management tool that helps you track each step of your kitchen renovation and more.

Discover your unique style with our style quiz and receive inspiration that's tailored to you. Create bespoke moodboards, powered by Pinterest. Design your dream solution with the 3D kaboodle planner, and be guided the whole way with simple steps and all the helpful resources you need to kaboodle it!

Whether you’re a confident DIYer or are looking to get some help with your renovation, our 5 simple steps and checklists are there to help keep your project on track. Read on as we break down the process for you.

step 1 - dream it

The dream it step is all about collecting your inspiration. Begin by discovering your unique interior style with our style quiz. Browse our inspiration gallery, visit the kaboodle displays at your local Bunnings. You can also craft bespoke moodboards powered by Pinterest that reflect your vision.

step 2 - design it

Now it’s time to design it! This is where you draw on all the inspiration you’ve gathered and see your vision come to life with our intuitive 3D kaboodle planner. Experiment with layouts, colours and materials until it’s perfect. If you’d like some help with your design, book a consult with a Bunnings Kitchen Design Expert, and they will create one for you!

step 3 - get it

Ready to make it a reality? It’s time to get it! First, book a consultation to get your 3D designs checked and receive an itemised list of all the kaboodle products you need. Many items can be picked straight off the Bunnings shelf to take home today. The Bunnings team will be able to give you accurate lead times for products as well as help you out with organising delivery.

step 4 - install it

Then, it’s time to install it! If you’re a DIYer, gain access to our handy installation guides. If you need some assistance, the Bunnings team will be able to help you find an accredited installer. Use our trade tracker to record the details of trades, such as your plumber and electrician, to ensure you're organised throughout your renovation journey.

step 5 - enjoy it

Our favourite part? The enjoy it step! It’s time to stand back and admire your hard work. Celebrate your achievements and inspire others by posting your finished project on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest using the tag @kaboodlekitchen. Don’t forget to rate your experience to tell us you found it, but above all, enjoy your new kaboodle kitchen!