three small kitchen updates that make a big impact

Beat the mid-winter blues with a boost of serotonin in the form of a quick and easy DIY win! Read on as we give you three manageable kitchen upgrade ideas that can be accomplished over the weekend, to scratch that renovation itch and give your kitchen the ultimate lift without blowing the bank.

upgrade one - hello to new handles

Swapping out the handles in your kitchen (and throughout the home) is an upgrade that takes minimal time and effort, but can instantly elevate your space. Think of handles as the jewellery for your interior.

An on-trend option is our new jardin handles. Mount them horizontally or vertically if you’d like to create a full moon effect. Inspired by form and function, jardin’s sleek half-moon shape adds a touch of sophistication to any kitchen, laundry or wardrobe door. You can explore jardin’s full colour range here.

upgrade two - win with wireware

Storage is a non-negotiable when it comes to designing your kitchen. The ease of having everything right at your fingertips is priceless. Even if you haven’t planned ahead, our kitchen wireware inserts can be retrofitted and are an easy way to organise any kitchen.

Wireware not only adds additional storage but it also optimises any wasted cupboard space. Our 2 tier blind corner pullout baskets are perfect for those hard-to-reach corner cabinets that can turn into a waste of space. They feature two baskets on each tier with each basket holding up to 6kg each, so there’s no need to compromise on the kitchen items you keep on hand. 

To start your kitchen storage transformation, we’d first recommend measuring the space you have to work with, we have pullout basket options to suit any size between 150mm and 900mm.

Once you’ve found your perfect fit, view our installation instructions, and you’ll be on the way to a clutter free kitchen! 

upgrade three - no more waste worries

If you’re still using a freestanding bin, it might be time for an upgrade. You can fit a dual integrated bin in just a couple of hours and trust us – it’ll change the way you manage waste in your kitchen.

A 2x 35L base mount bin is a great option and is available off the shelf at a Bunnings store near you.

The benefits of a dual integrated bin are a no brainer! Not only are you concealing the bin visually, but you are also concealing odour. They all come with a lid, so your cupboard won’t smell either. Being able to move food waste to the bin in one action from your benchtop is super convenient, and you will also be able to separate your waste and recycling!

Click to get the full step-by-step guide to installation

We hope these tips have inspired you to get your DIY on this July and make some small updates, with a big impact around your home! For more ideas and information, visit our design blog or follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.