kitchen storage solutions

Need storage? You can turn your kitchen storage up a notch with our range of kitchen wireware accessories, putting those hard to reach items well within reach!

It’s often what’s on the inside that counts! Getting the most out of your kitchen space and upping the ante in the storage department is made even easier with our range of wireware accessories! 

One of the most hard-to-reach places in a kitchen is the blind corner cabinet…but with a little help from our blind corner pullout baskets, you can put those hard to reach items in reach!  Designed specifically to provide full accessibility to space in a blind corner cabinet, this storage solution provides easy access to all the items in the cabinet via a two-stage sliding mechanism, which brings the baskets completely out of the cabinet, in full sight and within easy reach. 

Want to de-clutter your bench space? Our new hanging kitchen storage sets provide off-the-bench storage, adding extra functionality to your workspace … and they look great too!

Our hanging kitchen storage range creates a practical and compact way of featuring an exposed vertical storage system in your kitchen. The sets are available in a 6 piece set (570mm long) or 8 piece set (1140mm long) and allow easy access to everyday items. These nifty devices are easy to install, include rail and fixings and can be mounted to a wall or splashback.

corner rotating baskets

If you have a standard 900mm right angle corner cabinet, our two-tier corner rotating baskets create that magic storage touch. Featuring two baskets, each rotating on a height adjustable centre column and capable of holding 10kg each, all items stored in the cabinet become easily accessible with a simple swing of the basket. These can also be retrofitted into existing corner cabinets, too.

Need a home for spices, bottles, and other everyday items? The addition of wireware to smaller width cabinets is another great way to add functionality to these normally tight spaces. Adding our 300mm three-tier pullout baskets to a 300mm cabinet will provide three levels of extra storage, featuring soft close functionality and door mount hardware! There is also a smaller two-tier pullout basket available in 150mm to help transform those smaller spaces.

450mm pantry pullout baskets

You can transform standard 400mm, 450mm, 600mm, 800mm and 900mm modular base cabinets with the addition of our kaboodle soft close pullout baskets! The baskets come with premium soft close functionality and feature optional door mount hardware, meaning they can be fitted with drawer fronts or installed behind standard cabinet doors – the choice is yours.

Handy tip: if fitting using door mount hardware, remember to use pot drawer front panels due to the high basket height. All baskets are full extension, pulling all the way out past the cabinet edge and can hold up to 30kg each.

Our 450mm, 600mm and 900mm pantry cabinets can also be fitted to feature pullout wireware. Replacing the timber shelves with soft close pullout baskets creates individual pull-out pantry shelves, each with 30kg load capacity and maximum visibility. The number of baskets is completely customisable, or a combination of baskets and timber shelves may be more suitable.

If you have a 450mm pantry cabinet, then our six-tier pantry pullout baskets are a great way to increase storage and accessibility. Designed so the main pantry frame slides forward as the door is opened, there are an additional six smaller baskets mounted on the door frame, too. Each pantry basket will hold 6kg and each door basket will hold 3kg, and all baskets are height adjustable.

So there you have it – your storage needs are met! Don’t forget…it’s often what’s on the inside that counts.