bring the experiences of the world into the home with our latest trends range

To bring the feelings and experiences of travelling abroad into the home, we have released a range of limited-edition doors and panels and engaged Interior Designer, Jono Fleming to help us bring these colours to life across four distinctive trends, empowering homeowners to bring some vibrance into their interiors.

We know our homes have a profound impact on us and can ultimately impact the way we think and feel. That’s why we’re passionate about offering stylish yet affordable joinery solutions for everyone. We spend a lot of time researching trends, tuning in to forecasts and travelling internationally so we can bring you design-led trends from around the world for kitchens and home interiors.

This year, we’re launching six new doors and panels colours that speak to experiences of the world at home.

We’ve released a vibrant green (edamame), a mid-century inspired timber (walnut), a mustard yellow hue (mostaza), an earthy terracotta tone (tagine), a rich burgundy red (paprika) and a playful soft pink (candy floss). Taking inspiration from experiences abroad, we’ve used these colours to bring you four key trends; indulge, connect, embrace and celebrate, to help you create interiors that are distinctive and uniquely yours! 

To bring the range to life, we have partnered with Interior Designer, Jono Fleming, whose passion for renovating, travelling, styling and endless creativity really shines through in the colour and material pairing seen in each kitchen. 


trend colours – paprika and candy floss

material: premium thermoformed 

profiles: modern, alpine, country and heritage

As we spread our wings and venture abroad once more, inspiration cultivated from international travel will heavily influence the materials, colours and patterns used throughout our home.

We are yearning for a sense of nostalgia, looking for ways to go back in time to experience different cultures and lifestyles. We want to create interiors that are distinctive, emulating a sense of opulence and charm. Incorporating the rich hues of paprika and the whimsical tones of candy floss allow us to embrace old school charm and create a visual wonderland.

Learn more about indulge and how you can incorporate this trend into your interiors. 


trend colours – tagine

material: premium melamine

profiles: modern

As we welcome family, friends and neighbours back into our homes, we want to create an environment that encourages conversation and connection. Transporting us to the visually rich and vibrant streets of Morocco, designing with the earthy tones of tagine will foster the memorable and engaging environments that travel brings.

Learn more about connect and how you can incorporate this trend into your interiors. 


trend colours – edamame and walnut

material: premium melamine

profiles: modern

In recent years, we have seen an increase in self-care rituals, giving us a heightened sense of self - this will be reflected through our interiors in an effort to create a soothing, warm and supportive home. Inspired by a desire to embrace positivity in all aspects of our lives, we recognise that our surroundings have a profound impact on us. Incorporating the calming tones of edamame and cosy textures of walnut will help create an environment that is both nurturing and inviting.

Learn more about embrace and how you can incorporate this trend into your interiors.


trend colour – mostaza

material: premium melamine

profiles: modern

Evoke a sense of festivity and bring the aromas of travel and new experiences into your home. This shade of mustard yellow will transport you to the culturally rich street markets and festivals of South America, where flavours are vibrant and our senses are overloaded. Mostaza pairs effortlessly with timber tones, whites and matt black accents.

Learn more about celebrate and how you can incorporate this trend into your interiors.

The kaboodle trends range is available across our doors and panels. You can use them on their own or mix ‘n’ match them with other colours in our existing range.

Ready to find your dream kitchen? Explore the full range and be inspired to bring some colour and vibrance into your interiors. To get started, visit the 3D kaboodle planner or book a design consultation today!