kaboodle for every room of the house

Avid DIYer’s have confided in kaboodle for years to create the kitchen of their dreams but what you probably didn’t know is that kaboodle can be used in every room of the house…yep, that’s right…every room!

Kaboodle is loved for providing products to DIY enthusiasts to help them transform their kitchens, however, most customers don’t know that kaboodle products can be used beyond the kitchen space. In fact, kaboodle can be used in the laundry, bedroom, bathroom, living room and hallway… just about every room in the house where cabinetry can live!

Kaboodle can help you create a consistent and seamless look throughout your home. We’ve rounded up five areas you could feature kaboodle products, to spark some handy ideas for your home…room by room. 


Aside from the kitchen, the laundry is the second most popular room in the house to renovate using our products. More often than not, the kitchen and laundry are located near each other, so it makes sense to maintain a consistent look and feel. Our pantry cupboards, floor and wall cabinets and benchtops can be used to do this, creating a space that is not only functional (with plenty of storage) but looks great too!


Bathrooms are often an area people avoid renovating due to the perception that it will cost them a fortune, however, kaboodle allows you to update this space without the scary price tag. All our products are moisture resistant so can be used in wet areas such as the kitchen, bathroom and laundry.


In the bedroom, kaboodle can be used to create stylish wardrobe solutions using our...wait for it…pantry cabinets! Yep, that’s right, you can create the perfect wardrobes to fit your space and can accessories these with railing inserts and baskets. You can also stack our wall cabinets on top, which will create a sense of height in the room and additional storage. Handy!

study nook

Did you know that you can also use our products to create a stylish study nook? Using our base cabinets and benchtops, you can create the perfect desk space. You can use benchtop off-cuts to create simple but streamlined floating shelves in a quiet nook- the perfect space to smash out some work or study. If space permits, you can add wall cabinets above your desk to store files and stationery too.

living room

Featuring a run of cabinetry in the living room adds serious design flair, not to mention plenty of hidden storage. Here’s a tip – you can actually use wall cabinets to create a run of base cabinets as they are not as deep, working perfectly for a living space. Think storage for toys, books or even linen! 

So, there you have it, we hope we’ve inspired you to think outside the kitchen! Get started on your kaboodle planning today!