find the perfect kitchen waste bin at Bunnings today to match your lifestyle

Kaboodle waste bins are cleverly designed with a strong focus on functionality. It may not be high on the priority list when planning but as something we use every day, it might be time to re-assess how you can best manage waste in your kitchen.

We know kitchen bins are not the most exciting topic, however, they are often overlooked when planning! Selecting the right bin for your household and lifestyle is going to positively effect how your kitchen operates day to day. Let us help you choose the right one!

If you’re looking for a waste bin solution that covers all your additional waste needs, this might be the bin for you. Our 15L + 2 x 20L drawer pullout bin features a bin for compost, recycling and soft plastics. To help identify the correct bins we have provided colour coded labels that match up to your local council bins. To make things even easier, this bin also features a tray dedicated to storing bin bags and for uncomplicated use, each bin is equipped with easy to carry handles. 

If you are an enthusiastic cook, we recommend the streamlined 2 x 38L side mount pullout bin! This bin makes it easy to quickly dispose of your kitchen waste whilst cooking. This is our largest model and has two compartments that can be easily removed. This bin also features an additional soft close pullout tray with an anti-slip matt, providing you hideaway storage space for towels and sponges, bin bags you name it

design tip - if your meal prep area is a little out of reach when it comes to the location of your integrated bin, you can simply remove the bin and place it next to your preparation station - super practical.

Another handy tip is to utilise any extra cupboard space by installing a 15L door mounted swing bin, which is the perfect size for an easily accessible compost bin. Composting is excellent for your garden and will reduce your overall household waste. Gardening with compost is a great way to show kids the direct benefits of waste management and introduce them to sustainable habits.

Another option that is perfect for families is our fully integrated 4 x 17L base mounted pullout bin, with a total capacity of 68L you won’t be short on space! With four large separate compartments, this bin makes sorting rubbish simple. As always, the carry handles make it easy to remove each compartment to make bin night effortless.

So, there you have it, our top tips on how to choose the right kitchen waste bin for your household - we hope you’ve found these tips useful! Explore our entire range of bins here and for more inspiration and ideas, visit our design blog or follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.