enhance the storage in your kitchen with wireware and inserts

Make the most of unused space and organise your kitchen with wireware, pantry baskets and cutlery inserts – these small updates will transform the way you use your kitchen!

Storage is a non-negotiable when it comes to designing your kitchen – you can never have enough. The ease of having everything right at your fingertips is priceless. Even if you haven’t planned ahead, our kitchen wireware and cutlery inserts can be retro-fitted and are an easy to way to organise any kitchen.

Wireware not only adds additional storage, but it also utilises any wasted cupboard space. Our 2 tier blind corner pullout baskets are perfect for those hard-to-reach corner cabinets that can turn into a waste of space. There are two baskets on each tier with each basket holding up to 6kg each, there’s no need to compromise on the kitchen items you keep on hand.

To start your kitchen storage transformation, we’d first recommend measuring the space you have in your cabinetry, we have pullout basket options to suit any size between 150mm and 900mm. Next the fun part, installation! Remove everything from your cupboards – this is a great excuse to re-organise and clean your cupboards and consider the functionality of where your items are situated in your kitchen. We have user friendly installation videos for our wireware range to guide you through the process here.

Organising your pantry space has never been easier with our 6 tier pantry pullout baskets, they will declutter your pantry and assist in defining pantry zones such as baking essentials or easy to grab snacks. Whether your pantry is really deep or contains hard to reach spaces, our pantry pullout baskets will ensure everything is easily within reach. Not only can you get creative with the way you organise it, but it’s the ultimate blend of design and functionality in an otherwise small space.

Another cost-efficient way to upgrade the storage level in any kitchen is our insert trays, the inserts provide a compartment storage solution for your utensils or cutlery opposed to having all items piled on top of each other. The dividers in the insert trays are your new best friends when it comes to creating an organised and efficient kitchen! Why not replace that bulky knife block you have sitting on your bench? A great option to free up some bench space and organise your kitchen knife collection is the knife insert tray.

For a quick 10-minute update, we recommend reorganising your utensil and cutlery drawers, you can use a combination of cutlery and utensil trays to fit in to your draw space. It’s normal to accumulate extra cutlery over the years and lose track of your once matching sets! Performing a cull of your cutlery before you organise is going to simplify the entire process and declutter your kitchen. Consider what utensils you use often and get rid of any unnecessary double ups.

design tip – when reorganising your wooden utensils give them a soak in boiling water, this will help to remove any leftover oils or liquids they have absorbed.

There you have it, a quick guide on how you can optimise the storage in your kitchen and keep your kitchen space clutter free! Explore our entire range of wireware and cutlery inserts and for more inspiration and ideas, visit our design blog or follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.