behind the scenes – elegant entertainer

Come behind the scenes as we chat to homeowner Sally about her nature inspired kitchen renovation from inspiration through to the finished space.

Sally’s family moved into their home knowing a renovation was imminent…

“Our home is an old 1970s/80s brick home. It has solid bones however inside really needed a face life. Our house was getting to a point where it wasn’t very functional anymore and by this, I mean the cupboard doors were rotted out, the shelves had old laminate that could only flake off, only half of our stove worked and when we went to turn on our range hood it would give us a zap”, explains Sally.

Sally’s home transformation turned what was initially intended to be an investment property, into a long-term family home.

“It was originally going to be an investment however we love it so much now I don’t see us moving anytime soon”, says Sally.

Sally’s colour palette and design were strongly influenced by her love for the colour green and her desire to bring the outside in. Sally decided on olive grove doors and panels in an alpine profile and macaroon doors and panels in a modern profile to make the perfect pair for the brass fixtures they wanted. Almond brittle and hevea benchtops grounded their kitchen into their surroundings. Salento worn gold handles complimented their tapware to complete the look.

“I have always dreamt of having a green kitchen – green is my favourite colour. I chose the olive grove and macaroon because I thought the subtle tones would match the brass fixtures we wanted in our house. We chose almond brittle for our kitchen bench because it also matched the tiles we have in the wet areas of our house. We chose hevea to break it up but to also give it that woodland vibe to match the area we live in as we are surrounded a lot of gum trees”, says Sally.

We love that Sally intentionally chose almond brittle benchtops in her kitchen to match the other areas of her home. A simple selection like this went a long way in creating cohesion and flow throughout her home. 

Design tip – when executed with purpose and consideration, mixing profiles such as modern and alpine can create a design feature in your kitchen.

And if you didn’t know, kaboodle can be used in almost any part of the home. Sally achieved even greater cohesion throughout different spaces in her home with this living room storage unit, using macaroon doors and panels, hevea benchtops and salento worn gold handles that also feature in her kitchen.

It’s also great that Sally and Shaun gained some DIY confidence while working together to assemble and install their cabinetry with kaboodle’s easy-to-follow instructions.

“When we first received our kaboodle products it was a little daunting to see 5 pallets of flat pack cabinets in our driveway however, when we started to unpack and assemble the cabinets it was super easy to put together. We decided to split the tasks in half – I put all the cabinets together and Shaun put them in place, you don’t need a trade to understand how to put these cabinets together”, explains Sally.

Renovations are a lot of work, but Sally loves that she can sit back and admire her beautiful kitchen, with a newfound appreciation for all the details, knowing the

“I can’t express how much I love my kitchen. Anyone who has renovated and lived in their own home while doing it will understand and appreciate every last detail. There are times I stand in my kitchen and just look at it! It is so easy to use and move around, everything has great functionality, even the smallest things we would usually take for granted such as the space between moving from the fridge to the bench or having a soft close cupboard. I get so excited to bring people to our home now and show off everything we have done. It is such a wholesome feeling having our friends and family come over to utilise our kitchen and sit down to have a meal all together”, says Sally.

To see more of Sally’s beautiful space, view the full elegant entertainer inspiration gallery. If Sally’s renovation story has you itching to get started on your own, check out our mykaboodle project tracker to help guide you through the process. For more inspiration and ideas, visit our design blog or follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.