2024 design trends

As the end of 2023 nears, we’re seeing changes in the interiors landscape that will dictate the design direction over the next year. Read on for predicted insights around colour, materials, décor and self-care essentials that will be prevalent in interior settings throughout 2024.

signature style

Moving away from a fashion forward era, we’re heading towards a more mindful and considered future where our personal style takes centre stage. We want our homes to feel fresh and creative, we’re less concerned with what’s trending and more focused on whether trends speak to us on a deeper level. This style is being dubbed Minimaluxe, a paired back aesthetic that encourages you to showcase your favourite home décor items.

At the forefront of this style is creating sensory interiors. We’re encouraged to evoke all our senses within the home; visual senses are a given, but consider the way certain materials and fabrics feel, how sound bounces around a room, as well as the way you use fragrance throughout your home. These considerations will play into the overall vibe you’re looking to create. It’s all in the art of curation and atmosphere dressing your space.

design tip – styling kitchens with home décor items such as lamps, artwork and window dressings are a popular theme that’s on the rise. Including floor, table or wall lighting is key if you want to create some atmosphere in the kitchen.

We want to create interiors that are distinctive, expressive and uniquely our own. We’re mixing the old with the new, matte with gloss finishes and contrasting colour palettes, there are no rules except for the simple fact that our homes are here to enhance our human experience.

eternal optimist

On a mission to embrace positivity in times of uncertainty, we’ll be using design to make us feel good. In particular, we’ll be using the transformative power of colour to brighten our homes and our spirits. Modern maximalism and colourful kitchens are big. From colourful cupboards to open shelving, more people want the hub of their home to be a conversation starter, with statement lighting and vintage finds that reflect their individual style (1).

Tapping into our urge for nostalgia, we’ll be looking for ways to go back in time. It’s about reviving styles and reflecting on indulgent experiences, finding ways to bring little luxuries into our home. Off the back of this, we’ll see an underlying retro style infiltrate our interiors, encouraging celebration, freedom and abandonment of the rules.

Colour drenching is also an interior design trend that will be leading the way. This is where you pick a colour and then create a pallet that is comprised of the same shade or different shades of that hue. This design consideration allows us to be totally consumed by a colourway, letting it energise and illuminate a space (2).

healthy habits

As we’ve learnt over the past few years, home is our haven and the importance of creating a space we love spending time in isn’t going anywhere. We’ve seen an increase in self-care rituals, giving us a heightened sense of self and this will be reflected through our interiors in an effort to create a soothing, warm and supportive home.

The desire for our spaces to be perfect is something of the past, we’ll adorn our homes with handcrafted and handmade objects, taking a more relaxed and raw approach to interiors. With the notion that home is our haven, we’ll be seeking more balance and will be stepping away from hustle culture. Imperfect textures and materials will help bring warmth and a sense of grounding into our homes, encouraging us to pause and enjoy the unexpected details.

In an effort to foster self-care rituals, we’ll see homeowners create nooks and niches in their home where they can focus on themselves. Built-in window seats are the perfect place to read a book, meditate or enjoying a quiet moment, and this theme will be continued throughout the home.

classic coastal inspiration gallery kaboodle kitchen

future proof living

There is no denying that the cost of living is going to continue to dictate our buying decisions moving into 2024. We’re seeing parents moving back in with children to help with childcare, flats with flexible features so that owners can design the space to suit their needs and consumers on the never-ending search for balance between their work and personal lives (3). With all of this in mind, there will be a desire to personalise our spaces to suit our needs at an affordable price. Extending our homes to create granny flats or teenage retreats will accommodate family members who need to move back home, broken plan living floorplans will help to create separation and zones between living and working areas of the home, and smart design will encourage consumers to create multi-faceted areas, utilising the space they have to work with so rooms function in more ways than one.

the age of materiality 

In the world of interiors, materials are speaking for themselves, totally beautiful in their natural element. They tell a story of where they’ve come from and where they’re going, enriching the personality of our homes. Selecting metal and metallic-look materials that age beautifully and improve with use will be top of mind when updating appliances and fixtures in our homes (4). We’ll see more kitchen and bathroom spaces mixing materials, metals and finishes, such a matte and gloss, creating sophisticated and interesting interiors. Keep in mind that although mixing materials is on trend, you should still consider how all the elements in the space will harmoniously work together, rather than compete with one another.

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