2021 kitchen trends forecast

Saying farewell to the year that was 2020 can’t come soon enough, as we look ahead to what will surely be a better 2021…right? Here’s hoping - but before we take a step forward, it’s sentiments from our present that will influence the next generation of the interior landscape.

In our humble opinion, 2021 can’t come soon enough, as we look ahead to what will hopefully be a better and brighter year.  While future trends take cues from what presently surrounds us, there are sentiments of this historic year that will put a stamp on next year’s interior direction, with some timeless ‘here to stay’ trends staying firm with confidence. So, here’s our round-up of what’s trending.


Never before have we been more disconnected to the notion of connectivity, in the real sense.  As we long for social interactions and a connected way of living (and we’re not talking the digital kind), it’s only fitting that this super topical sentiment is finding a place in our homes, and influencing a seamless design approach, with cohesive interior schemes creating consistency, balance and harmony.

Tip – so how can you tie an interior together? Consider applying accent hues, colours and materials from your kitchen in other rooms of the house, especially where joinery has a place like the laundry, study or even bathroom, to create an organic flow throughout.  


The notion that our home is our sanctuary has taken on a whole new meaning in light of the restrictions put on the way we live - now more than ever before, our home is where we live, work and play. And it needs to be all-encompassing. Free-flowing design, flexible spaces and distinct zones that work together while retaining separate functions will allow for spaces to serve multiple purposes.


Tip - adding an extension to your kitchen benchtop or island is a great way to make the kitchen multi-functional, as the area can then be used for a dining table, extra storage or even a study nook creating different zones and layers in the one space.

Image reference; HouzIdeaz.com

Timber revival

Once a thing of the past, we’re seeing a serious resurgence of timber-look cabinetry as a statement feature shining through in designs schemes – with the calming benefits of nature and natural elements in play, light and dark timber tones are adding an element of textural warmth, sensory appeal and character to kitchen spaces. And we’re all for it.

Side note – did you know that we have a range of timber-look premium thermoformed colours? You can inject some on-trend timber tales into your kitchen story.

Image reference; decor6.com and sfgirlbybay.com

Colour cred

Nature-inspired muted greens that are grounded in nature, earthy grey hues and shades of blue are a few key colours making their way into interior palettes, as we strive for grounding reassurance and comfort during a time of absolute uncertainty.  These tonal colour choices are finding their way into peoples’ kitchens too, and not just as accent colours. Renovators are opting for more design-led but affordable interior solutions to invigorate their spaces – this is subconsciously or not, driven by a need for calm and moments of delight.  

Natural Beauty

Materials and finishes that emulate natural surfaces like marble, stone, concrete and timber are aesthetics that will transcend into 2021. It makes sense - the notion of ‘the digital age’ took on a whole new meaning this year…but we are still sensory beings with a need to surround ourselves with surfaces that evoke a tactile aesthetic. And we all know these surface sensations work wonders in the kitchen – they always have, and likely always will. This one’s here to stay!

Side note – have you seen our new benchtop beauties? Like biancoccino with its distinguished grey veining and marble-look features, black pudding giving the impression of dark stone with a textured matt surface, and oyster swirl with an elegant grey aesthetic. 

Exposed elements

Open shelving derived from metal accents and steel frames are being used as stylish storage solutions and design features in the kitchen, once again bringing in tactile elements, allowing us to curate our own space with visual pieces and personalised tactile items, evoking a sense of nostalgia.

Island life

Taking center stage, a great kitchen island will never go out of style when and where space allows, serving as the perfect design feature for entertaining and gathering, where function meets form. With hopes that 2021 will distantly resemble 2020, we will be looking to entertain and gather with family and friends as much as possible with a new found appreciation for human connection and socialising, it’s never been a better time to consider incorporating a gathering hot spot into your kitchen design.

Handle it your way

European inspired handles and knobs in stylish finishes are being used to introduce colour contrast and materiality into the kitchen – the perfect tactile accents to leave a lasting impression. From various shades of golds to matt black and brushed nickel, geometric forms, subtle knobs and handles that are organic in nature are giving the once sought-after minimalist look a run for its money.

Side note – keep an eye out for our new handles range, launching soon in New Zealand! 

Storage smarts

Convenience and functionality should always be at the forefront of a future-proof kitchen design, which is why integrated storage solutions are forever on-trend, and forever will be. Think pull-out wireware systems and compartmentalised inserts. You can jump over to our wireware accessories blog article to explore the complete range, to ensure your storage elements are on point.

And that’s a wrap on our 2021 trends round up!. It looks like next year’s interior attitude will be a neat blend of new revivals, muted colours, influenced design direction and timeless stayers. We hope you enjoyed our take on what’s in-store.