timeless kitchen trends

Kitchen trends tend to change every few years, but there are a few trends that will stand the test of time—hence the title, timeless kitchen trends.

A white kitchen is a timeless classic!

There are some things we know, and some things we don’t! But here at kaboodle we know what it takes to create timeless kitchen, and we want to let you in on these not-so-secret, secrets. This list of everlasting trends evolve every year, adapting and preserving their modernity. So, without further ado, here is our list of timeless kitchen trends.


Spoiler alert—white will never leave the interior trends spectrum. Sure, there will be trendy variations of white, one will always be more popular than the other, but white will never leave, ever! White acts as the base foundation for any space, and gives you the freedom to use colour elsewhere, where you can be as bold or as simple as you like. You can use white cabinets and have raw timber benchtops. You can have white walls, and navy cabinets. You can have white appliances, cabinets, benchtops and walls. The point is, white kitchens are a timeless classic, they do not age because of their versatility and ability to contrast with any colour that is placed within them. Some people say white is boring, but honestly, when you think about what you can do with the colour white, the opportunities are endless!

Dark timber flooring tells a story.

Timber flooring

Timber floorboards have been a home feature for decades, and there’s a reason why. Timber tells a story, you will never find a piece that looks the same because of each individual knot and grain. Depending on the tone of your home and the look you want to achieve, whether you use new timber or salvaged timber, dark or light, a timber floor will bring character to your home, and it’s something you won’t regret!


The past decade has seen marble become a mainstream kitchen staple, which is quite a change from the 50’s where Hollywood’s rich and famous were the only people would could afford to have marble kitchens.

Marble has made its way into the mainstream market because it’s luxurious feel and effortless tone. Today, there are so many options when it comes to selecting marble products from high end to budget, and whichever option you choose, will give you the same luxurious feel.

Whether you have marble benchtops or splashbacks, basins or floors, wherever you put it marble makes a statement—and it’s a statement that is here to stay! 

Butlers pantry

Because a timeless kitchen wouldn’t be complete without a butler’s pantry! Butlers pantries have been around forever, and as the name suggests they were used by household staff (aka butlers) to prepare and cook, instead of using the main kitchen. Nowadays, people who don’t even have butlers still seem to have butler’s pantries because they provide extra working and storage space outside of your kitchen, so you can get as messy as you like and outside eyes won’t even notice—perfect if you ask me!

Shaker style kitchens

We’re taking it back to old school lux again with shaker style kitchens. Shaker style kitchens are seen in almost every Hampton’s holiday home—which is why they are generally referred to has Hamptons style kitchens! They’re another style that has come from old school Hollywood homes, and made their way into the mainstream market. Shaker style kitchens suit most colour schemes, and add an element of depth to a kitchen, differing from a modern streamline look. Much like timber floorboards and marble benchtops, shaker style kitchens create character and tell a story! And better yet, you can make them as modern, or vintage as you like!