three quick and easy updates for a more functional kitchen

See how you can increase the functionality of your existing kitchen with three kaboodle products available off the shelf at Bunnings!

The key to maintaining a well-functioning kitchen is organised storage. There’s nothing worse than rummaging through your pantry and draws struggling to find what you need, making cooking difficult.

Even if you’re not looking to renovate your kitchen just yet, you can still get your existing space working better for you with the addition of functional kitchen accessories that you can take home today, straight off the shelf from your nearest Bunnings, to integrate into your kitchen with ease.

Check out our favourite quick and easy updates for a clutter-free, organised kitchen below!

update one: wireware

Storage is the unsung hero of a functional kitchen. The ease of having everything you need within arm’s reach is priceless, eliminating the frustration of rummaging through cluttered cupboards. Even if you haven’t planned ahead, our wireware inserts are a retrofit solution that can transform your existing kitchen cupboards into a seamless storage system.

Wireware not only adds additional storage, but also allows for easy access and optimises any wasted cupboard space.

Our pantry pullout baskets put all your pantry staples at your fingertips, as you can pull the baskets out so they’re right in front of you. They also make organisation a breeze!

Top tip: we would suggest grouping your pantry items into categories such as dry produce like pasta and rice, and condiments. It’s also a good idea to place the items you reach for most often in the centre, and items you don’t need as often on the higher or lower baskets.

Our blind corner pullout baskets are perfect for those hard-to-reach corner cabinets. They feature two baskets on each tier that can each hold up to 6kg, so there’s plenty of room for all your essential pots, pans and appliances to be kept on hand. Corner cabinets can be harder to access, you’ll definitely want to check out our corner rotating baskets.

Before you select your wireware, first measure the internal space of your cabinets that you have to work with. We have pullout basket solutions to suit any size between 150mm and 900mm.

Once you’ve found your perfect fit, view our installation instructions, and you’ll be well on the way to a clutter free kitchen!

update two: silicon roll mat

Designed to sit over your sink, the silicone sink rollmat acts as an extension of your bench. Save space and reduce sink clutter by using it as a drying rack, and simply roll it up and store away when it’s not in use. It’s also heat resistant up to 180degrees, so doubles as a trivet where you can place your hot pots and pans, protecting your benchtop.

products featured: silicone sink rollmat

update three: cutlery inserts

It’s easy to overlook the humble cutlery insert, but this basic draw organisation accessory is an essential item you won’t want to miss in your kitchen. Having a home for all your utensils and cutlery makes it easy to find what you need as opposed to rummaging through items in a pile, especially if you’re in a rush. For a quick 10 minute upgrade, mix and match our range of insert trays to fit your draw space, and dedicate a compartment to all your cutlery, wooden spoons and other kitchen gadgets to make cooking a breeze.

products featured: cutlery insert, knife insert, small utensil insert

We hope you’re inspired to increase the functionality of your kitchen with these 3 quick easy updates. For more ideas and inspiration, visit our design blog or follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.