kitchen installation timeline

Installing your kitchen can seem like a daunting process, so the team at kaboodle have created a realistic timeline to guide you through your kitchen installation…every step of the way!

Our guide covers the full step by step process of installing your new kitchen but keep in mind, the timeframes provided are averages only and will change depending on your individual needs and circumstances. Each step will depend on the extent of your renovation and a good rule of thumb is the bigger your kitchen, the more time you’ll need!

As a general guide, we suggest following the order below but you may need to be flexible as it will depend on the availability of your tradespeople, the amount of preparation and repairs required and the size of your new kitchen. 

  • remove existing kitchen - 1 day

  • organise a plasterer to repair any wall damage and make sure your walls are level. This will depend on the extent of your job - 1-2 days

  • pre-paint your kitchen space - it will be much easier to carry out paint and plaster repairs in an empty room. Then, just touch up any extra spots as required - 1-2 days

  • pre-assemble cabinets ready for installation - 2 days

  • be prepared for your plumber and electrician to disconnect services. Empty cabinets of all kitchenware, unload the dishwasher and find out where your mains water meter is located. if you’re paying by the hour, you don’t want these trades waiting for you to get organised - time is money! – 1 day

  • plumber and electrician to rough in new outlet positions (if required) – 1 day (allow more time if you’re changing from electricity to gas or vice versa)

  • install cabinets, doors and panels – 3-5 days

  • install benchtop - 1 day

  • plumber and electrician to fit off new appliances - ½ day

  • install your splashback. This will depend on the extent of your job - 1-2 days   

Approximate total installation time: 11 – 17 days.

Please remember, you’ll always need a licenced professional for any gas, plumbing and electrical works.

We hope this timeline was helpful and to find out more handy kitchen renovation tips, download our kitchen renovation guide!