kaboodle your wardrobe

have you got an overflowing wardrobe? We’ll show you how to update your storage situation to make it work for you

kaboodle is traditionally used to update kitchens and laundries, but we actually offer whole of house storage solutions. If you’re looking to update your wardrobes with fresh and savvy storage, our pantry cabinets are perfect for the job! Check out a few different styles and configurations below to see which one will work for you!

freestanding storage

After more of a laid-back look? Three of our raw board paint your own 600mm pantry cabinets have been used to create this gorgeous run of wardrobes. You’ll need to purchase hanging rails from Bunnings to accommodate your long and short hanging garments.

design tip – if you want to personalise our wardrobes even further, you can purchase feet to install under the cabinets that suit the aesthetic of your home to inject some personality.

concealed storage

Want to create hidden appeal? You can use our pantry cabinets with a push to open mechanism to create a seamless, streamlined run of cabinetry in your bedroom – sleek!  

design tip - be smart with the way you configure your cabinets to get the most out of your space. Here base cabinets have been stacked on top of pantry cabinets to create extra storage.

next level storage

Want to take your storage up a notch and create seriously savvy storage? You can add pull-out shoe storage systems to your wardrobe by installing our 600mm pull-out wireware baskets in the bottom of our pantry cabinets – genius! 

And that’s a wrap, our top tips on how you can use our pantry cabinets to create seriously stylish and savvy wardrobes! We hope this has sparked some inspiration and encourages you to think about upping your game in the wardrobe department!

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