kaboodle x The Design Chaser - dream kitchen moodboards

Join us as Michelle Halford – The Design Chaser – takes us through the creation of her dream kitchen moodboards, featuring our latest kaboodle kitchen trends range.

We’re joined by Michelle Halford – The Design Chaser – who hero’s hues from our latest trends range and pairs them with some of kaboodle’s most popular neutral kitchen cabinet shades to create designer but affordable kitchen moodboards.

Whether you’re a true neutral palette lover, gravitate towards textural woodgrains, or are partial to a bolder pop of colour, Michelle is sure to bring you a pairing that you’ll love. Keep scrolling to uncover her pairings.

moodboard | walnut

This moodboard hero’s walnut from the kaboodle embrace kitchen trend. It is a warm and textural woodgrain designed to create a welcoming space and sense of grounding.


This was my favourite moodboard to create. The walnut cabinet colour is warm, textural and grounding and I knew right away that I wanted to pair it with soft neutral colours. For complimentary panels and doors, I opted for five spice and wild garlic.

“For the kitchen benchtops I chose stone-look vanilla cream which adds another layer of texture to the kitchen, while in keeping with the natural tones.

For the kitchen handles, I've chosen the plaza handles in matt black, a contemporary style which adds subtle contrast.

Originating from Japan and sourced locally, the tiles for this moodboard are white finger mosaics that show variations - an inherent characteristic of the artisanal Japanese manufacturing process.

I've carried Japanese influences through to the styling touches which include ceramic forms and Japanese hand-crafted pieces,” says Michelle.

Watch Michelle guide us through her walnut cabinet moodboard parings.

moodboard | paprika

This moodboard hero’s paprika from the kaboodle indulge kitchen trend. It is a rich burgundy hue that exudes a sense of European grandeur that’s fit for breathtaking kitchens, laundries, home offices and more

“For this moodboard I combined paprika, a dark red hue with two calming colours, olive grove, a muted earthy green, and oyster mist, a warm neutral. While paprika is quite rich, exuding elegance, olive grove brings a tranquil feel, and oyster mist is a timeless and versatile colour that compliments them both.

For the benchtops I’ve chosen hazelnut to inject warmth and texture and for the accessories, I’ve chosen the salento gold and cabo amber gold handles. Simple and elegant in style, the gold finish brings out the warmth of the hazelnut and adds contrast to the overall space.

When it came the splashback tiles, I chose terracotta to compliment the paprika. The matt finger mosaic tiles create interest and have a beautiful variation in tones to inject further tactility.

For the finishing touches, I've added organic forms in the way of ceramic and wood pieces, foliage and natural linen,” says Michelle.

moodboard | candy floss

This moodboard hero is candy floss, the second shade from the kaboodle indulge kitchen trend.

“The starting point for this moodboard, candyfloss, is a very pale pink colour. I wanted to keep the overall look soft and tonal.

To achieve this, I paired the candy floss with the light grey white pepper and the light wood tone ghost ash. The grey brings a hint of depth and contrast while the wood introduces a warm tactility to your kitchen joinery.

The benchtop that I've chosen, santolina, continues the tonal effect, while creating a striking feature with its eye-catching marble vein.

For the handles, the cali and turbo handle in brushed nickel are elegant and refined, providing a subtle shine.

Similarly, the gloss tiles - a classic subway style in silver grey - adds an understated touch of colour and reflection.

Accessories include ceramic tableware with a delicate scalloped edge that brings a softly sculptural feel, and pale wooden pieces to create cohesion,” says Michelle.

With the tasteful use of trends colours alongside timeless neutrals, it’s easy to design an affordable kaboodle kitchen that’s sure to impress.

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