Kaboodle x Pearson + Projects

Project goals! Take a look at how the dynamic duo from Pearson + Projects created a kitchen, laundry and study space with cohesive design in mind.

We recently collaborated with Alice and Caleb from Pearson + Projects to help make-over their kitchen and laundry spaces! Past winners of The Block NZ, the dynamic duo know a thing or two about creating beautiful spaces…and this project was no exception. 

Alice and Caleb’s original kitchen and dining space was in need of a complete makeover, so they removed the kitchen, fireplace and hot water cylinder to make room for a brand-new kaboodle kitchen, which they designed and installed themselves. 

They opted for the rich black of our black olive cabinetry in an alpine profile, which was paired perfectly with the softness of our bamboo benchtops to balance out the space, adding warmth and a natural element.

“Designing and installing the kitchen ourselves meant we created a kitchen floor plan that worked for our unique space and the style we wanted to achieve.”– Alice and Caleb. 

Now…onto the laundry. Their compact space had heaps of potential, so they wanted to create a multi-purpose room that housed a laundry that could be hidden away when not in use. 

Talk about a clever use of space! Alice and Caleb took savvy design to a new level by adding shelving into the space as well, conveniently doubling as additional storage and an office nook! Black olive cabinetry and bamboo benchtops were featured once again to ensure a cohesive design connection from room to room.

“We went for black cabinetry and a black super tub to add some contrast to the white room. The bamboo bench top and shelves bring warmth and texture to the room alongside the gorgeous vinyl plank flooring. We added the herringbone pattern in the tiles and the barn door to break up the straight lines and add some interest.” – Alice and Caleb.

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