install preparation tips

Installing a new kitchen involves much more than simply assembling your cabinetry, hardware, doors and benchtops.

Preparing your kitchen space is an important step in creating your new kitchen. Check out our preparation tips to make sure your installation run as smoothly as possible!  

keep a clean and clear working space

Ensure your new kitchen area is clear and as free of clutter as possible. This will create a safe working environment for when you are ready to install your new kitchen. There will be lots of items to unpack and assemble, and you don’t want any confusion.

level your walls and cabinets

Always remember to check that your walls are level before you install your new kitchen. If your walls are uneven, add filler panels or re-plaster to bring them to square to allow a plumb finish for your new kitchen cabinets. Or alternatively, call in a plasterer to carry out the repairs for you!

Kaboodle base cabinets feature adjustable footers, which allow you to achieve a level finish where your floor may be on a slight fall.

remove architraves

Where necessary, remove architraves so your cabinets can achieve a flush finish to your walls.

patch and paint

Repair any damage to your walls by filling and sanding any holes or dints. Then, paint your walls and ceiling before installing your new kitchen. It will be much easier to carry out these repairs in an empty room. After your kitchen is installed, you can simply touch up any extra paint spots as required.

water, power and gas

Important; you’ll always need to hire a qualified tradesperson to turn your electricity, water and gas on and off during the installation process.

follow instructions

It sounds simple, right? Following instructions carefully will allow you to efficiently install your kitchen without unnecessary mistakes, costing you time and money. Our assembly library is a great online resource full of written instructions and videos to help you assemble your new kitchen.

seek assistance

When in doubt – seek some help! Our friendly customer service team are on hand to support you!

To find out more handy kitchen renovation tips, download our kitchen renovation guide!

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