how to: create a window seat

Looking for the perfect piece of furniture to place under a window or in a quiet nook? We have the perfect DIY project for the job!

A window seat or reading bench is the perfect addition to your home. It provides a quiet space to sit and relax, read a book or enjoy a cup of tea! It also creates additional storage (who doesn’t love that) with two deep drawers to store blankets, board games, books, you name it.

In this DIY hack, we will show you how to create a gorgeous window seat with kaboodle, perfect for a bedroom, living room, hallway or study. You can change up the doors and panels and benchtop to reflect the style of your space, not to mention, it also makes for a fun weekend activity if you work with readily available modular product.

Check out our how-to video below for more information around how you can re-create this window seat at home.

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