Got a favourite colour? Paint your own doors!

You can now design your very own interior palette thanks to the launch of our paint your own doors range!

Are you after a specific colour or shade in your kitchen? A new product has been introduced into our door and panel collection! You can use raw boards and paint your own doors to achieve the exact look you desire!

With raw boards in the modern profile now available in all of kaboodle’s door and panel sizes, a bespoke colour scheme can be created so you can colour match your style and work with hues that speak to you.

There are endless possibilities and no colour is off limits! Add some personality to your space with a splash of colour or get that exact shade of moss green you’ve had your sights set on.

For complete details and instructions, jump over to our instruction guide where we detail how to paint your own doors in a simple eight-step process; preparation, undercoat, sanding, topcoat and installation for oil-based and water-based paints.

Our new paint your own doors range is available to order in standard kaboodle sizes in the modern profile and through our cut to measure service, so you can create the perfect fit with doors and panels cut to your required size.

If you’re looking to curate the colour palette of your dreams, look no further than our paint your own doors range!