concealed waste bins

When it comes to waste in the kitchen, sometimes you just want it hidden away. We have a range of waste bins that are the perfect complement to our cabinets.

A quick and easy access solution to conceal your waste.

Waste can now be cleverly concealed with our easy to install bins.

For the simplest waste storage option, try our door mount swing bin. This sleek looking bin is not only easy to install but it holds up to 15L of waste! The bin opens and closes with the door and when shut the integrated lids helps with the control of odours. A 400mm base cabinet is required as a minimum.

Still want that super simple installation option but need a bit more room for waste, or want an easy recycling option, then try our 2x15L base mount pullout bin. Flexible on installation, simply fix this bin to the base of your cabinet and you’re ready to go. Featuring soft close runners and an integrated lid which helps with the control of odours and can store light weight items. A 400mm base cabinet is required as a minimum.

For the ultimate in concealed waste options, try our side mount pullout bins available in two sizes to suit a 300mm or 400mm base cabinet. Featuring soft close runners for a smooth and silent finish each time. Additionally, door mount hardware has been included so that you can attach your cabinet door and access your waste bins in one easy action. As the installation of these bins might be a little trickier and you want to see how it’s done, be sure to watch our ‘how to video’.

Always remember to refer to the installation instructions that come with the bin for specific measurements and directions. If you have misplaced your instructions, no need to worry, all of our installation instructions can be found in our assembly library.

All waste bins in our range can be retro-fitted into existing relevant kaboodle cabinets. 

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