behind the scenes - kaboodle x Raffaela

Located amongst the trees in beautiful regional Victoria, homeowner Raffaela decided it was time to update her kitchen to match her interior aesthetic and make it more functional for her young family.

The once simple white kitchen has been transformed into a captivating blend of tranquility and style. Come behind the scenes of Raffaela’s kitchen renovation as we chat to her about the process, from inspiration through to the finished kitchen!  

We first had to know why Raffaela was considering renovating her current kitchen?

“I decided to update my kitchen for several reasons! Firstly, I wanted to improve its functionality, the above-counter corner cabinet and the lack of sufficient bench space were constant sources of frustration for me. They hindered my ability to work efficiently in the kitchen and made daily tasks more challenging. By updating the kitchen, I aimed to address these issues and create a more practical and user-friendly space that would better suit my family needs.

Whilst the kitchen was initially a nice white kitchen, I found it didn't reflect my own aesthetic preferences and style. I had always envisioned having a green kitchen, which would bring a fresh and unique look to the space and truly make it our own. Updating the kitchen provided me with the opportunity to infuse my personal taste and style into the design, transforming it into a kitchen that is not only functional and seamless but also visually appealing and a true reflection of my own aesthetic.” Explains Raffaela. 

To bring Raffaela’s dream of a green kitchen to life she selected our natural toned olive grove doors and panels to bring the outdoors in and create a harmonious ambiance! Raffaela chose to pair back the deep olive tones with a refreshing neutral benchtop and gold handles for a touch of opulence and warmth. 

“I've always had this dream of having a green kitchen, and when I stumbled upon the colour olive grove, it was like love at first sight! I instantly knew it was the perfect fit for our space. The green hue not only adds a pop of vibrant colour, but it also creates a connection with the nature surrounding our home. We're blessed to be surrounded by trees, and having a green kitchen brings that beautiful outdoor feel inside, creating a sense of harmony with the environment.

I chose the beautiful gold handles specifically to bring in some warmth and tie in with the other elements in our home. We have the lovely timber accents (floating shelves) and flooring, and the gold handles just seamlessly connect with those warmer tones. It creates a cohesive and inviting atmosphere throughout the space. I absolutely adore how the gold handles add a touch of elegance and a bit of sparkle to the overall design. It's a combination that makes me smile every time I step into my kitchen!” Says Raffaela.

When it came time to designing her new kitchen space Raffaela used the 3D kaboodle planner to help her visualise the space and have a play around with different colours, finishes and layouts.

“The process of using Kaboodle was a breeze! It was so straightforward and easy to navigate. But what made it easy was the 3D planner! I had an absolute blast using it to visualise the space. I could take my time, playing around with different ideas, and change things up as many times as I wanted. It was like having my own little design playground!

I can be a bit indecisive at times, so being able to step away, think about things, and come back to the 3D planner was a game-changer. I loved being able to visually see how different colours, finishes, and layouts would look in my kitchen. It gave me the freedom to explore various possibilities and find the perfect combination that resonated with me.” Says Raffaela. 

To get the perfect fit in her space and allow for integrated appliances, Raffaela opted for the modern profile, which meant she could fully customise her kitchen and get a designer look without the designer price tag.   

“But the icing on the cake was the customizability of kaboodle's modern panels. I absolutely loved that feature! It allowed me to add in integrated appliances seamlessly. With the custom sizing option, I could ensure that everything fit perfectly, creating a sleek and cohesive look. It was so nice to have that level of flexibility and control over the design. It's those little details that make a big difference.” Raffaela explains.

To help her decide on the finishes of her kitchen, Raffaela became a regular at her local Bunnings Warehouse. Being able to see her colour selection in person helped to solidify her vision and provided a tangible perspective.  

“However, what really helped me finalise the cabinetry colour and handle choice was the convenience of visiting a Bunnings store to see the materials in person. Being able to touch and feel the materials, take them home, and actually see how the integrated panels looked, added another layer of confidence to my decision-making process. It brought everything to life and helped me ensure that I was making the perfect choices for my kitchen. It was such a valuable experience that truly solidified my vision and made me feel even more confident in my selections.” Says Raffaela.

Time for installation! Raffaela and her husband opted to assemble the cabinets themselves and get a professional in to help with the install. This method allowed them to get involved with the project and even install the finishing touches, such as the handles and integrated fridge panels.

“Assembling the cabinets was straight forward, that we gladly took on ourselves. Putting each individual cabinet together was a breeze, and we found it surprisingly easy to handle. The DIY aspect added a sense of accomplishment and made the project feel even more personal.

However, when it came to putting all the panels together and ensuring everything was level and fit perfectly within our space, we made the decision to bring in some skilled tradespeople. Our home has its quirks, being an older one with walls and floors that aren't perfectly level, so we wanted to ensure a flawless result. The professionals we hired had the expertise and tools to handle any adjustments needed, giving us the confidence that everything would fit just right.

That being said, we still had plenty of opportunities to get hands-on with the project. We took charge of putting on all the integrated panels and handles ourselves, which was a fun and satisfying part of the process. It allowed us to add our personal touch and make the kitchen truly feel like our own.” Raffaela explains.

We are so happy Raffaela was able to create the kitchen of her dreams using kaboodle and we can’t wait to hear how she is enjoying it day to day!

“Having a new kitchen has truly transformed the way I use the space! The increased functionality, aesthetic appeal, and seamless integration with the rest of the home makes it a space I genuinely love. The additional bench space has made a significant difference, I have more room to spread out ingredients, prep, and experiment with new recipes. It has made the entire cooking experience more enjoyable and efficient.

But it's not just about cooking; the kitchen has become a multifunctional space that I genuinely enjoy spending time in as well as the rest of the family. Not only has my new kitchen enhanced my cooking experience and personal enjoyment, but it has also become a beautiful feature when you walk into our home. It immediately catches the eye and creates a sense of cohesiveness, connecting all the spaces in our open-plan living area.” Says Raffaela. 

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