appliance cabinet options

The location of appliances plays a major part in the design and overall functionality of any kitchen. There are quite a few different options for you to choose from too, have a read...

An oven tower gives you the perfect all in one solution to access appliances in your kitchen.

Oven tower

This is the traditional configuration seen in many kitchens. The main advantage of this design is its versatility as it manages to combine several appliances with conveniently located storage for pots and pans in one 600mm width unit. Depending on the height of the oven, an over tower usually contains 1 or 2 600mm 1 drawer cabinets, a microwave box and a 600mm slimline cabinet for light and rarely used items up the top.

Underbench oven

The next major option for housing an oven is an underbench oven cabinet. Available in both 600mm and 900mm widths, these cabinets are rapidly gaining popularity as a more design conscious alternative to the oven tower. The underbench oven cabinets have no backs which allow the oven to have the necessary ventilation.

When installing an underbench oven cabinet, it’s important to use the included heat deflector strips that are easily mounted to wall end panels to avoid the radiant heat generated by the oven doing any damage to any doors in the immediate vicinity.

Microwave box

The microwave box is a great way to making the microwave a feature within the kitchen whilst also providing a way to hide the unsightly cord. Generally it is used within an oven tower, but can also be used in conjunction with a 600mm 1 drawer cabinet to provide a convenient underbench cooking and storage solution.

Wall Microwave Cabinet

Looking to get that microwave off the benchtop and out of the way? Then the wall microwave cabinet is for you. Designed to house a microwave and also to provide ample storage above, this cabinet can raise your microwave to a more convenient working height and reduce the clutter on the benchtop, increasing the amount of usable space in the kitchen.

With all appliances, it is always important to check the manufacturers’ specifications for dimensions and clearances. When it comes to installing the oven, it’s important that this is only completed by qualified electricians or gas fitters; never try to do this yourself.

*Make sure you check whether the microwave you have can be used in a Microwave Box, and a Microwave Wall Cabinet, as not all microwaves are designed to be used within a confined environment.