advantages of a galley kitchen

The galley style kitchen is a modern and contemporary design and the choice of many chefs. Read on as we explain the advantages and disadvantages of the galley kitchen design…

what is a galley kitchen?

The galley style kitchen is a functional kitchen design that allows you to reach all areas of the kitchen with minimal walking distance. Providing a great layout for ample cabinets and benchtop space, the galley style kitchen is a functional and contemporary design and the choice of many chefs.

Yes, the name 'galley kitchen' sometimes conjures up images of a one-person kitchen on a boat… but galley style kitchens can be made as long and wide as you’d like, as long as you’re maximising the space you have to work with.

easy working triangle

It’s really easy to design a basic working triangle when designing a galley kitchen. As long as you keep the sink, oven and fridge grouped together you’ll find moving around a dream. A lot of designs work with two elements on one wall and the third placed between them on the wall opposite.

The compact working triangle is one of the advantages of a galley kitchen – the design makes it stress free when you’re preparing food as you don’t have to move about a great deal. Appliances, storage space and an abundance of benchtop space are all within a few steps of each other.

By nature, galley kitchens best fit larger spaces, which generally benefits larger homes and apartments by providing a great working kitchen with plenty of easy to access space. 

Many galley kitchens make full use of vertical space by using wall cabinets and shelving units to create more storage space.

galley kitchen advantages

  • Great central kitchen design for larger spaces.

  • Easy to divide galley kitchens into multiple working areas.

  • Everything is easily accessible.

  • Plenty of storage - galley kitchens usually have ample storage space.

  • Benchtops on each side can be any length.

  • Quick to clean!

  • Contemporary looking design. 

galley kitchen disadvantages

  • A galley kitchen layout can sometimes limit the space you have in your dining area.

  • People passing through can cause a traffic jam!

galley kitchen design ideas

If you’re hoping to maximise functionality in your galley kitchen, kaboodle offers a range of design options and layouts to make sure you get the perfect fit.

Searching for some galley kitchen inspiration? Check out some of our favourites below and start developing the perfect galley kitchen for your home today!

modern muse

Sleek lines, neutral colours and dark floors scream modern sophistication. No matter how small your kitchen, a light, bright and stylish kitchen eliminates the cramped feeling that comes with it. Galley kitchens make full use of vertical spaces by using wall cabinets and shelving units to create more storage solutions. 

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rustic paradise

The trick to making a small kitchen feel bigger? Playing with light! This kitchen incorporates all sorts of ambient and mood lighting to create a comfortable and relaxing space to cook meals, entertain guests and enjoy dinner. If you have the chance to knock down a wall and open your galley kitchen up to the dining room, this can be a great way to accentuate the space and embrace open plan living. 

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apartment chic

Apartments aren’t known for having the most space and their layouts usually aren’t sought after. Despite the lack of functionality, with the right design, you can easily make a galley kitchen work in your apartment. Consider the layout of your appliances to ensure maximum counter space. If you position them all on one side, you can reduce the need to go back and forth, making a far more practical work space. 

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country retreat

If you live in an old home, instead of completely remodeling your kitchen, work around existing features. By making the most of your space but keeping in mind brickwork, big windows and hardwood flooring, you can achieve the ultimate galley style kitchen without sacrificing that rustic charm that caught your eye to begin with!

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mid century galley kitchen

With its retro flair and timeless appeal, the Midcentury Galley Kitchen takes you on a nostalgic journey. From vintage appliances to wood accents, this style captures the essence of an era while offering modern functionality. Galley kitchens in the Midcentury style maximise the use of space through smart storage and layout, blending the old with the new effortlessly.

open floor plan galley kitchen

Break away from the confines of wall-bound design with an Open Floor Plan Galley Kitchen. This layout allows for greater movement and social interaction, bridging the kitchen space with other living areas. It provides an inviting atmosphere, ideal for those who love to entertain while cooking.

minimalist galley kitchen

For those who adore simplicity, the Minimalist Galley Kitchen offers a clutter-free, serene space focused on function. With muted colours and streamlined designs, these kitchens eliminate unnecessary frills, putting the spotlight on efficiency and ease of use. Perfect for those who appreciate the 'less is more' philosophy.

galley kitchen finishes

Finishes can make or break the look of your galley kitchen. Opt for glossy finishes to reflect light and create a sense of spaciousness. Matte textures can add depth and sophistication, offering a multi-dimensional appeal that draws the eye. Whatever your choice, the finishes are the final brush strokes on your kitchen canvas.

transform your cooking space with kaboodle's galley kitchen styles

Ready to turn your galley kitchen into the cooking haven you've always dreamed of? Why not start by exploring our extensive range of kitchen designs? For even more of a creative spark, take a virtual tour of our inspiration gallery, which features real-life examples that will ignite your imagination. If you find yourself questioning how to maximise your limited space, our comprehensive guide on finding the perfect layout for your kitchen can be a lifesaver. Learn about the various kitchen layout types to make an informed, stylish choice that suits your unique needs. Take the next step and visit your nearest Bunnings store today to embark on your kaboodle journey!