trends range: chia pudding

Introducing chia pudding – this grounding palette that conveys a familiar shade of grey will create a sophisticated palette to inspire.

This deeply rich and familiar shade of grey conveys a grounding palette and a sophisticated aesthetic, pairing beautifully with marbles and soft feature accents for a striking kitchen interior.

This grounding grey is available in our modern and alpine door profiles, has a matt, soft-touch finish with anti-fingerprint technology and is included in our premium thermoformed range, sure to give you the striking edge and sophistication you have been looking for.

Perfect as a statement colour on its own, or paired with a soft white to create a two-tone effect, this striking shade ticks all the boxes when it comes to that sought after dark grey kitchen palette. Featured in this l-shaped kitchen is our chia pudding doors in the modern profile, marble-look calcutta gloss benchtops, matt black cali handles and a feature island bench with a difference, highlighting our other new trend colour, berry sorbet

Bringing our trends range to life through the art of food, we have partnered with someone who knows the importance of trends all too well. MasterChef All-Stars winner and confection queen Emelia Jackson has created a collection of unique dessert dishes, bringing to you a collaboration of the sweetest kind.

Take a look…

Try your hand at Emelia’s beautiful dessert dish; orange infused chocolate mousse and brownie cake with chia crumble.  

key design features in this kitchen

tall open shelving feature

  • 2 x pantry end panels

  • 1 x multi-purpose panel placed at the back

  • 6 x slimline wall end panels to create layers of shelving

  • to avoid using screw caps on the right-hand side panel, the first 4 shelves are attached using dowels and glue, while the bottom shelves are attached using screws through the panel and the holes are hidden by the base cabinet

open shelving nook

  • 2 x multi-purpose panels fixed to the wall end panel on the left and blind corner pantry panel on the right

To install multi-purpose panels as open shelves, it is important you adequately fix them to the wall or create structural elements that can assist in their support.  If you choose not to use fixed shelf brackets then we suggest creating a solid back using MDF to create a box like structure. The back of this box can then be fixed to the wall and then be tiled or painted to match the rest of your kitchen.  Also ensure you fix the panels through adjoining cabinets and always ensure open shelves do not bear heavy loads. 

integrated fridge

  • we used R5 multi-purpose panels in the size as per fridge supplier specifications. We then attached the panels to fridge following the fridge supplier installation instructions

  • the vent on the kickboard was installed by cutting a hole in the kickboard

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