Flint Stone

Our Cut & Butt™ laminate benchtops feature a DIY square edge profile that can easily be joined. They are available in depths of 600mm and 900mm with a double radius for island benchtops.

Ideally suited to large, open spaces, Flint Stone gives the impression of poured concrete and is perfect for a modern looking kitchen.

This benchtop come with a square edge radius. 

Why cut and butt™

The revolutionary cut and butt™ joining system means anyone can join their benchtops without the need for experienced trades people, which in turn will save you time and money. 

Available in:


  • Kaboodle kitchens benchtops square edge cut and butt™ flint stone new zealand
    square edge cut and butt™

Already made and available for you to buy off the shelf today or order in from our warehouse.


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